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Work for Models in Melbourne in April and May 2014

Ongoing casual work for female models in Melbourne is available now. We have a number of fun modelling assignments for photogenic, curvy females in their teens, twenties and thirties. These shoots will take place in some of the most exciting locations throughout Melbourne, the outer suburbs and Victoria. Jobs for aspiring models, available right now include swimwear, lingerie and stylish evening wear modelling. If you are a model, or you want to become a model- we encourage you to check out our photographic assignments now. Modelling work will become regular for the right people. If you are size 10, size 12 or size 14, curvy and attractive, browse the offers further down this page and submit an application.

Photographic modelling has no minimum height requirement- the important attributes in these jobs on offer are the shape and appearance of the face, and an in-proportion hourglass figure. If you are only 160cm, 163cm or 165cm tall, this is fine. Our lighting techniques and photography style, will make you look taller than you are. Our paid shoots are ideal for models of any experience level. Our style of model photography- as you'll see in the images further down the page- shows a lot of the environment and the setting, and doesn't just focus tightly on the model. We photograph our models as part of a narrative- the picture communicates a story of time and place to the viewer. The ideal model sees herself as part of the art, where input and contribution to the final look of the image is encouraged.

All our model shoots are fully supported by female staff, in a fun, relaxed and encouraging environment. We use the most spectacular locations- absolutely stunning settings which most photographers aren't even aware of.

Summer is slipping away- but there's still time to shoot in the balmy weather of Autumn. Location shoots will take top priority during the next few weeks- so come forward if you're interested!

The jobs for models listed here, suit girls with an affinity for the outdoors, who really enjoy the environment and nature.

Get opportunities to model in some fantastic locations, be part of images others can only dream about.

Browse the selection of current modelling jobs, listed as "available" right now:

  1. Waterfalls used as locations for calendar-style modelling
  2. Stunning ocean beaches used for bikini modelling
  3. Stylish art-deco interior modelling in designer-brand lingerie
  4. Urban fashion and glamour modelling
  5. Model with a private lear jet on the runway, at the airport in Melbourne

All of the above shoots are current modelling jobs, available in Melbourne right now, with shoots scheduled for weekend and mid-week dates in April and May 2014.

Modelling jobs listed on this page still have a current "open" status, meaning they are not yet filled or allocated to someone.
The modelling assignments suit models of all ability levels, even those who have no prior experience in modelling. If you have never modelled before, if you're looking for assignment-style work experience in modelling, we encourage you to apply.
All our photo shoots take place in settings used in the photos throughout this page, after you've been professionally styled at our studio in Dandenong South- or at a venue near the location, if it works better.
We guarantee to have you looking fantastic, and you'll remember the modelling work as a rewarding thing you did.

Please be available for an interview in the Melbourne CBD on Friday 14th March, during the late afternoon.

Why We Need the Shots

We are developing a number of new websites, devoted to modelling, on-location photography, model photography tutorials and we need these images to illustrate what we do. We've looked through our vast archives of model photography shoots throughout the years and notice how much many of the locations have changed- or just disappeared with the passage of time.

Some of the fashion our models are wearing in earlier shoots look very dated- so all the material needs to be reshot again.

This is a rare opportunity to be part of something good- with a female makeup, hair and styling crew that works to have you looking your very best, as well as a full-time professional photographer. Enjoy yourself as you earn money, for a fun shoot- or get a full set of everything we shoot- including the original camera raw negatives, something no professional photographer surrenders to the client. Receive your photos on memory card right from the camera on the day of the shoot, no waiting, no delays.

How to Apply for Our Modelling Jobs

Here's what we need from you:

  • One clear, recent headshot, no "hair-up" hairstyles
  • One clear, recent full length photo, which shows your figure, ideally in swimwear or underwear, taken in soft light
  • Contact details- your name, phone number and email
  • A brief outline of your available times, whether or not you have your own transport, and which shoots you'd like to be in

There's a link to a form near the bottom of this page. If you have trouble completing the form, simply attach 2 photos to an email, answer the brief points outlined here, and email it all to:

Please check your email, and follow up if you have not heard back from us within 72 hours.

Succeeding at Modelling- Getting the Jobs

Modelling is a highly competitive pursuit, but there are things you can do in order to stack the cards in your favour. Here's what we suggest, if you're doing all you can to get work as a model in Melbourne:

  • Try to see it from the perspective of the person advertising the modelling job- do you fit the brief of the ideal candidate?
  • Modelling assignments are always time-sensitive. Be available- apply only when your time is without clutter!
  • Make it easy for your application to stand out- send in clear photos which do you justice, not dark blurry shots.
  • Put some personality into your application- this tells us more about you, and helps us decide who to select for an interview.
  • Follow up with an email or phone call- many times our offers of work to potential models go unanswered.

Normal, Curvy Girls Make the Best Photographic Models

The perfect models for the shoots listed on this page, would be size 10 - 16 curvy or hourglass figured. You need to be happy within yourself- what that means is that you can't dread looking in the mirror! Our lenses take between a size- and a size and a half off you- so you'll look great. The assignments featured on this page are a top priority- if you're interested, get your details and photos in, and ensure your pictures are clear, recent, and big enough that we can see how you look!

Some of the most important information about modelling for our commercial shoots is right here, please read this carefully!

Often when a modelling job is offered, the person writing the job description has an very clear picture of the right look of the models needed for the shoot. This is one instance where filling the criteria is paramount to getting an interview.

Models Needed for Nature Based Location Photography: March and April 2014

We're in urgent need of some great new photos for our stunning new web site, which is in the final stages of development. Amazing opportunities exist right now, for female models between the ages of 20 and 35 to be part of it all.

If you like what you see on this page, and can confidently step up to be part of some eye-catching stunning images in similar locations, send some pictures in to us.

You'll be looked after by a female stylist, who is an ex-magazine model, and get some spectacular photos that most people will look at and wish they were part of.

You'll need to be someone who is passionate about the outdoors. Models who see the beauty in the environment and can see themselves in the same style images as what we display here should apply. You also need to be resilient when modelling outsided for photos- ometimes the weather is cold. Regardless of how lovely and inviting the locations look in our photos, often the reality is very different. We shoot at unusual times of the day, sometimes very early morning, sometimes we shoot late in the evening. This is to take advantage of the flattering light which prevails at these times. It also means less chance of crowds, and people wandering into the background of your shots, which can happen quite easily in a popular public area.

You need to be an actress too- be able to create the look, the demeanor and most importantly- the facial expression, right on cue.

If you're comfortable about who you are, and can turn up to a shoot with no baggage or followers, then we'd love to hear from you. There is an enquiry link, where you can attach a couple of photos to a form- further down this page.

We get many applications, such as the one you are considering now. We get enormous interest in this page from many people, our work is demanding in some ways but it is also very rewarding aesthetically- as you get to have shots done in some incredibly beautiful locations and often see stunning spots just around the corner that you never realized were there. We have very clearly defined attributes of the ideal models for our work. At the risk of stepping on toes... I will try to outline some of these for you as gently as I can. We don't accept photos and applications by email- only via the application form within this web site, which you will find via a link on this page, once you have read everything here.

My lovely partner, who is the model featured in these photos, tells me to "say it gently" on the website... so here goes!

Ideal criteria for our location modelling work candidates.

  • You need to be soft featured, not hard in the face. No tattoos which cannot be very easily concealed (ideally none at all). If you are sporting any prominent skin art, then this is not a suitable look for our work.
  • As surprising as it may seem, your personality is important, because our images capture the essence of the person, and we want to keep true to our style of photography. Loud party girls- ladettes- don't suit our particular style of images, the ideal person would be the opposite of this. Hard lines on the face, or abrupt angular facial features don't work in the settings we want to shoot in, so keep that in mind too.
  • We can't work with models who have prominent skin art- it doesn't suit our style of images. Sometimes tattoos can be covered- each one is unique, so be prepared for this.
  • You need to absolutely love the environment, and thoroughly enjoy being a part of it. Understandably, it's not good if you are not an outdoors person, as almost all of our requests here are for outdoor location modelling shoots.
  • You need to bring a sense of fun to the shoot, not baggage- emotional, physical or otherwise.

    Fun makes it great for all concerned, and a fun model is easier to guide, and collaborates better with the entire team. The shoot works better, the shots happen quicker, and there are more of them- more in terrms of variety, location changes and looks. Often the results are dependant on the model's state of mind, so respectfully said... your head needs to be in the right space in order to produce results, and make the effort of those people who work with you, worthwhile.
  • Looks and figure are important- crucially so- to the point where I cannot emphasise this enough. You need to be comfortable with who you are and how you are put together, and not have any worries about appearing in sultry calendar-style photography, as featured on this web page. We go to lots of effort to make sure that our modelling shoots are a fantastic experience for the model and all concerened- so you need to be ok with what you see here, and comfortable with the idea that you could be the next featured model on this page, as well as our new website, waiting patiently for modelling work content, sitting idly on a hosting server.
  • Our camera equipment takes weight off people- (only in the photo!) so if you are a little overweight and either not quite, or only just a curvy model, or plus-sized model, then this is most likely ideal for us.
  • If you're still reading this and nodding to yourself, then there is a very real chance that you could be an ideal person for us to work with. Please read through the rest of this page, and remember to follow the application guidelines very carefully. We have recently rejected some people who would have been ideal, because the guidelines were not followed. There are no exceptions to this. We rate a person's skill in completing an application correctly, very high in our preferences.
  • Have two recent photographs in your computer to upload to us; get these sorted before you start completing the form. You'll only get one chance- the system will block any subsequent attempt to send in forms, as we used to get 12 or more attempts from one person quite often
  • Please "do not"... no matter what... do NOT submit your photos attached to an email- they won't be on our database, and you'll be invisible when we search for talent.
  • Don't email me asking if we need models- with or without photos- just go head and complete the form, answering the questins which are on there!

Apply Now, for Modelling Work

The only way to apply for our modelling jobs is via the link further down this page, which leads to the application form.
Here are some of the modeling shoots on offer; we need to fill these as soon as possible, in particular the beach, lear jet and waterfall shoots. The link to the application form is elsewhere on this page. If you are considering applying, please ensure you have two photos taken in good clear light, in which you are standing up, and "please read carefully"- NOT wearing black. The reasons will be explained further down. Summer is a great time to shoot on the beach- if you think you are right for this, submit an application to us.

Do any of the following modeling shoots sound like something you could do?

  • Stunning back beach photography, where you are the feature of the shot- you should have shoulder length or longer hair for this shoot, and love being in water, especially now - before the summer weather leaves us for the season.
  • A shoot with a fantastic private learjet, on a commercial airport runway- yes we have managed to secure this opportunity, after lots of organising. An opportunity like this happens but once! You'll be able to board the aircraft and get some shots done inside, you might even get a chance to sit at the controls and pretend you are taxiing down the runway...
  • Waterfall photography- it seems correct that with a name like "Wilderness Images" our style favours outdor settings as you will see in the example photos lower down this very detailed page! For this style of shoot, you will need to be comfortable outdoors, and be prepared to get wet in the environment of a waterfall, which is very different to a beach setting. Waterfalls are often in gorge-like or rainforest settings, and as such can be quite cool environments- and we can assure you the water in these places is anything but warm! On the "plus side", there is rarely any wind- and often wind contributes more to the model feeling cold, than the "still air" temperature. So it's not so bad after all.
  • Have you wanted to appear in a swimwear magazine? We are currently putting together some packages which will be announced on this page very soon, which will enable you to have a proper magazine style photo shoot, with makeup, hairstyling, wardrobe styling as well as professional photography by someone who's been doing it for 30 years with a long list of published works. If our shots don't get you in, then nothing will. Keep watching this page, we will make this package announcement soon!

Someone who is in the "correct" weight for height proportion is not necessarily the ideal model. Ideal weight for height are not always a representation of our population- our target audience- reality. Please understand the the nature of our lighting and equipment takes between one and one-and-a-half sizes off a person, so ideally the person we select would be someone who thinks they could still lose 4-8 kg. They will photograph beautifully- that's a guarantee! On the other hand- the correct weight for height, trim, toned and athletic model, with the tan- or heaven forbid- spray tan or solarium tan- will not photograph well with our gear- nor do they match the target audience for our images.

If you are selected as the right person for our shoot(s) we will provide a female makeup artist and hair stylist throughout the shoot, who will attend to you from the minute you arrive, until we are finished. We will provide accessories, makeup, hair and styling, and collaborate with you in regards to what styles of garments we plan to use, before we engage you for a shoot. If we want you to wear blue, and your colours are earthy, it's not a good mix- better for everyone to be clear on this from the beginning.

If you are going to apply, please give yourself the best chance possible. We want to shoot with the right models just as much as models want the best shoots and results for themselves.

In order of importance, the following selection criteria are considered:

  • Figure
  • Attitude
  • Looks

Your figure needs to be curvy- tending to hourglass. Plus-size models- size 10,12 or 14 girls are great- for our style of shots where the emphasis is on curve and femininity, rather than an athletic sporty look. If your plus-sized modelling attributes are all in the right places, then go ahead and complete an application!

Your attitude needs to be right- enthusiastic, motivated, no baggage, no drama or grief. And certainly no hangers-on!

Looks are subjective (Google it) - we're not after a Barbie Doll type here- and most often, the looks that draw attention in nightclubs are not the looks we want in a model. So the best thing is to give it a go, and send in a couple of photos, using the link which can be found at the bottom of this page. Read every word here- and please do NOT make any of the mistakes outlined in red elsewhere on this page, no matter how special you think the exception is!

It is absolutely important that you have the right mindset for the opportunities we list on this page. It needs to be said from the beginning, that you will not get anywhere if you make an apointment then change it, or if you fail to turn up for an interview, or you don't call when you say you will call. We take a risk when we promise a model to a client for a job- these people (our clients) are not hobbyists; they are business people too- and the Gen-Y thinking sometimes fails to recognise the importance of commitment. If you lead a really busy life, where everything competes constantly for your time, and you have a hectic social agenda, then this is definitely not for you. Melbourne Modelling Work is ideal for someone who is available on short notice, has their own independant transport, and ready for work on 24-72 hours' notice.

In order to succeed at modelling- to even get past an initial meeting- you need to be switched on, sharp, and a self starter, otherwise you are wasting everyone's time- including your own- and as your desire to succeed becomes greater, you begin handing over money (to agencies) in order to dream the dream- just as silly as the parents who pay money to a child modelling agency, convinced that that their bratty, screaming, undisciplined child is really only having a bad day, and really is worthy of the CON-tract the agency is tempting them with!

With Bridal, Fashion and Swimsuit modelling, it goes without saying, that you need to be 18 or older- ideally in late twenties to early thirties, so that when the styling makes you look younger, you don't look 13 or 14 years old -even 15 or 16 years old is way too young looking.

We are very particular about who we shoot with, and if you don't succeed with us, it's not the end! We have no interest in signing you up with an agency- that's a minefield with lots of traps for the unsavvy, which you can explore on your own. Our requirements are very specific, if you read them carefully, you will know whether or not you are in with a chance.

If you complete a form (link appears further down this page- keep reading!) ensure you only press the submit button once- don't spam our system and amplify your disregard for the guidelines by pressing the form submit button more than once- even if you think it never went through the first time. Don't send me emails asking me to visit your facebook or myspace- nobody takes either of those places seriously. If you are promoting yourself as a potential model for work consideration, then the very least I would expect you to have are two normal photos of yourself- the kind of photo your grandma would take.

This web page is the final page of our old web site, and it is over 8 years old. As such, it urgently needs replacement. The new design is complete, the new web site is online, and we just need a model for the images. You need to be able to see yourself in images like those which appear in the scroller below, on the page you are on right now. For this shoot, if you are around 165cm in height, your ideal weight would be 56-59 kg. If you are 175cm in height then we'd be looking for a model around 65-68kg. Our lighting and camera lenses tend to take a size or more OFF the model, so for this one, these criteria are vitally important. You need to be comfortable with the idea of shooting at the beach or on a waterfall. I guarantee you that if you are the successful person in applyng for this role, the images we produce will be the best you'll ever get. You must mention the word "covergirl" in your application.
We work wonders with photography- but not miracles. How everything sits and stacks up is important- but by now you would have an idea as to whether or not you are in with a chance!

You can take a look at our new Melbourne Wedding Photographer web site, which is online now. It will give you an idea of how we shoot our weddings, this style also carries through to our bridal fashion photography assignments.

Send in Your best Photos- Please Follow the Guidelines

Make sure that the pictures you send in to us really are RELEVANT to what you want to do. They need to be crisp and clear, you need to be looking directly at the camera and the photos need to be well lit- no artistic light play, no shadows on your face, and certainly no soft focus or harsh contrast, like strong sunlight and deep shadows. You need to be instanty recogniseable- no "Saturday night party" type shots, and no "hangover photos" from your phone. If you are considering a modelling career, then it would be expected that you would have some better pictures to market yourself with. If you don't have the right photos now, please wait until you do- if the pictures aren't right, we disregard the application, even if you are a superstar of tomorrow.

This means, that your photos show you in a light which, when assessed by us here, helps us perceive you in the style of shots that we shoot. Don't send pictures of yourself you have taken with your phone, don't send cutouts from shots of you with friends- and absolutely no pics with more than one person in them.

The full length shot requirement is for just that- a full length photo, where you are standing up, and the photo is taken from the front. No photos of you sitting down or lying down. Nothing taken of you looking back over your shoulder or striking some artistic pose for a student photographer.
Don't wear anything BAGGY in the shots- we need to see your shape- if we have to guess anything at all, we reject the application.

When you send in photos to apply for modelling work, the pictures need to sell you; they need to show your suitability for the shoots we have planned.

Keep this in mind- we only have the images you send in to us as a guide for our selection- so do your best!

How you look, apply and present really is everything. Don't put yourself at a disadvantage by sending lousy photos. The number of people who ring me and say "I really do look better - they were just bad shots I sent in...".

If you don't have them now, then wait until you have better photos.

Even more alarming is the number of people who send us pictures which were taken years ago!

Our shoots need models with soft feminine looks, facial features that are clean and well defined, in the form of the classic beauties of Hollywood's golden era. You need to be in proportion, but definitely not thin. The ideal photos to send in to us, are simple shots from home, not some halfwit internet photographer's effort at "art", and cetainly not photos from a mobile phone you have held out at arm's length, nor photos from a webcam. Do you really think that this is the way to apply for a modelling job?

These are shoots for publication in print and web advertising, so we base a large part of our initial filtering on your appearance in the pictures you send in. If you look like you spend your day riding around on public transport with nothing else to do, then save your bandwidth and our time, and please don't apply.

We will not waste your time with meetings or interviews. We will only call you in if we are confident we can offer you something paid, right away. We are not an agency. We don't "sign up" models, we don't shoot portfolios, despite countless requests.

We are professional photographers who regularly shoot commercial work for print and web advertising, and prefer to source our own models, rather than work with agencies, who "themselves" can be more maintenance than an ice cube in the tropics.

To be eligible for the above opportunities, you need to have a hairstyle which is "single" color- no multicolor, no foils, no tips, very conservative, ideally around shoulder length or a little longer. You need well defined cheek bones, and symmetrical features. We prefer people with fair to lightly tanned complexion, and between size 10 and size 14. The requirement is not for "myspace" type photos. The successful model applicant will be in a campaign using BEAUTY shots- so please consider the above carefully before you select your pictures to email in. Read the section further down this page in red, and please do not make mistakes in your application. Even if you are the next "supermodel of the world" we reject any application which has an error. This is not a social modelling site of the internet, where people beg for comments and acknowledgement, nor are we an agency. If you haven't found out what a waste of time and effort those sites and their backyard brigade of snappers are, then there's still a fascinating, time wasting world for you to discover out there!

If you fit the criteria we outline, and your looks are suiteable, then will employ you as a model. If not, then we won't. No career counselling, no meetings which lead to nothing, no time wasting - not yours, not ours. It is imperative that you read the section in red further down this page. Harsh? Not really. Just honest words that no other website publishes- why do you think we rank first on Google for "modelling work"?

Take money off you and waste your time with empty promises? No.

Do you see yourself as a high flyer?

We've secured a tremendous "one off" opportunity for three lucky female models between 18 and 32, sizes 10 - 14, to model on the tarmac with a very sexy Learjet. This jet is hot - it looks absolutely terrific, and it is based in Melbourne. Work with our team - makeup and hair styling will be provided, as well as basic outfits.

Be sure to mention "Learjet Shoot" on your application form, if you complete one. This is a great opportunity for modelling in a different environment and location. Images used for web advertising. Shots will be taken inside the jet- whch has a stunning boardroom style interior conference area, as well as on the tarmac at the airport. It's all organized- we just need the right talent to fit the selection criteria.

If you've always wanted to be a magazine model, in a news stand magazine, and wondered where to start - this might be just the opportunity you need to get you going. No agency fees, no photography fees, no charges for anything - if we feel confident that we can place you into something, you will get an interview, if we cannot, then you won't.

At the interview it's up to you - provided that you loook like the person in the pictures  you sent in to us, the rest will lbe determined by your attitude and how suited to the shoot you are. We are not an agency, we do not charge models fees, we do not sell memberships. We are professional photographers who regularly shoot for magazines, and prefer to source our own models, rather than dealing with model agencies.

Makeup Modelling and Demonstration, Hair Modelling and Hair Demonstration in Melbourne City and South East.

Paid Modelling Shoots for the range of assignments outlined on this web page are regular and ongoing during the Spring and Sumer 2013 and 2014. These shoots involve everything from simple makeup looks, to bridal makeup and more extravagant theatrical and alternative styles. Models with short, long and intermediate hair length will also be required for hair style modeling- no cutting or coloring involved. Images are destined for print publication in advertising, and for use on the web. You need to be available in the South East of Melbourne, during the evening, and have your own transport. The look is very specific for this shoot- ideally models with well defined facial bone structure- and female (yes a lot of guys have offered...) with all skin types and ethnicities being considered. Your look needs to radiate absolute softness, femininity and beauty. You need to have the facial characteristics that could see you as the face for a major beauty campaign - that the final images would not rely on image retouching - that you would present the beauty to the lens at the time of image capture.

If you are interested in any of these- or other shoots on this page, complete an expression of interest form here, and send it in to us. Remember to carefully follow the instructions on the form!

PLEASE ensure you read the form carefully- and complete it accurately!

If you are NOT from Victoria, (we get a staggering number of applications from interstate- NSW Tasmania and QLD- and overseas-the USA, UK and Africa) consider how you plan to get to our studio for an interview- whilst it's great fun filling in forms and emailing pictures off, (if that's your thing) you want it to ideally lead to something- not just take up time for no result. Please don't waste our time or yours. We look at the realistic viability of working with applicants, and treat requests accordingly. Simply put, if you're not local to where our shoots are, there's no point sending in an application.

If you need to contact us, do so during business hours only, on our studio number. That number is 03 9554 3279.  This is for two main reasons- we're a professional studio, not a 'work from home' scenario, and to get feedback on your pix, or anything else- we need to be online during your call. Most of the time after hours, we're nowhere near a computer. And the guidelines say to call 48hrs (2 business days)after sending your pix in, not 10 minutes later. Reason? Most people forget- which sends us the message that they're not serious about modelling- that they're just sitting online, sending in pix "for something to do", expecting the "big contract" to land in their email. It will- when you finally get one of those "free" laptops you always seem to win...
There is no "yellow brick road", and certainly no "Oz" at the end of it!

Paid swimwear location modelling is available for models in Melbourne and Victoria during April and May 2014. Shoots are in spectacular locations. If you look good, feel happy about yourself and can see yourself in shots like the photos appearing on this page, complete an expression of interest form further down this page. be sure to check out the images in the scroller below. Shoots are avilable now for styles similar to those you see in the photos below.

Summer is still here... and we need swimwear shots to help finalise the look of our new website, which will become part of our new wedding photography Melbourne website. If you would like to grace the cover of the modelling section, be sure to write the word "covergirl" in the text area of your application.

Calendar style swimwear shoots in some of Victoria's hottest photography spots! The weather might be cooling off -but the light is fantastic! If you love the beach and water, and look great in swimwear, then we can offer you some terrific swimwear modelling opportunities. Calendar style swimwear shoots are available right now. Ideally you would be in your 20s or early 30s, with a size 10-14 figure- we want to show that normal people can look awesome in photos- that you don't need to be a bean pole to look great. Enjoy styling (hair, makeup and accessories) by our own stylist- who is an accomplished model herself. Shoot in some spectacular, stunning locations close to home. Have a great time- and produce great images- with your chance to ask a professional model unlimited questions during the shoot! Learn industry tips, get the inside info- much more truthfully and far more accurately than you would from any agency.

Work for models and paid modelling opportunities are available in Melbourne right now.
Assignments vary in style- from formal wear and bridal, to swimsuit- and we need models now! Take a look at the pix in the scroller below, and decide whether or not you could see yourself in images like the ones shown here.

Good Modelling Agencies- Are There Any At All?
Modelling- whether fashion swimwear or bridal, is not easy to get into. People spend lots of money on agents to learn later, that there are no "easy short cuts" into the industry.
Who does the agent work for? The model? The client?
The agent works for the agent- if the needs of the client and model ( in that order ) can be met along the way, then it's a bonus. The agent's primary aim is to make money- not to secure work for the models. Any agent's primary income is from signups- registrations- memberships- anything which involves the model handing over money to be a part of. If an agent is confident they will make money from onselling you as a model, they will sponsor your photos, website, comp cards and more. If they have the cheek to ask you for money for ANY of this- then turn and head for the door. You are only funding THEIR lifestyle, at the expense of your own.
Don't pay money to dream- you can do it for free when you sleep.
If you are searching for a model agency, ask your questions carefully and choose wisely. The standard of service drops off very quickly when the money has been handed over- and lip service is cheap - phone calls to "keep in touch", newsletter, emails and updates are NOT modelling assignments! You want "the jobs" - not a "new best friend" by phone or email. Agencies are notorious for scamming hopeful models, knowing that there is a percentage of people desperate enough to hope for glory, ready to hand over money to dream. If you are prepared to do this- then know that you went in well informed from this article- and you only have yourself to blame for the lack of return, if that's the case. Understandably when emotion and desire are strong enough, the human brain lets logic slip out through the window... sometimes a very costly excercise down the track.

Child modelling agencies, children's modeling agencies in Melbourne

If you're searching for the best children's or child model agency- whether Melbourne or anywhere else, to represent your kids, be even more careful- agents are well versed in hot button selling tactics, and laying on the charm for the parents. Flatter the child a bit, rave on about "accepting the applicant", which shifts the focus from the interviewer's (the agency's) performance credentials to the applicant /parent wanting something that they "might lose" (the opportunity for the child to be represented). "Fear of loss" (the opportunity), and "desire for gain" (acceptance) are both huge motivators for most people. Keep your head screwed on- and your wallet in your pocket! If you want to throw money away with a child model agency, give your money to the Bonnie Babes Foundation, where it will do some GOOD for children. You'll sleep much better- and so will the kids.
Don't fall victim to it- don't put your children with a childrens' model agency to prove something to a friend or relative, or because strangers have told you that your "child should be a model"- people say this to you, when they cannot think of anything else to say, or if them telling you that your child is "cute" may be a bit too forward, or politically incorrect.
Give them- the agents- NO money for ANYTHING until they deliver- work for your child, not for the snake oil salesperson of the childrens' modelling agency.

Don't for one second, let an agency tell you that you handing them money in advance "is how the industry works". It only works that way when people are silly and desperate enough that they will resort to anything to try and "get somewhere".
We get about eight requests per week to recommend the best child modelling agency in Melbourne. The answer is simple- the best kids modelling agency in Melbourne is the one which can place your child into a job right now. No fees, no admin costs, no photography charges- just a job sheet handed to you, and the money in YOUR bank account, not theirs. If you are the principal of a child or kids modelling agency in Melbourne- or anywhere else, and can demonstrate to us that you really "do" fit the bill, we can refer many people to you. We receive lots of requests from readers, asking us to recommend the best child modelling agency in Melbourne.

As a parent looking for a kids modelling agency, remember this: Go to the interviews, play the "selection/put my child on your books" charade, until you are blue in the face. The minute you hand over money for anything other than a commission to the agency for a job your child is about to be paid for, you have lost the game. End of story, no exceptions.

We don't offer any work, opportunities, jobs or work experience for child models, baby modeling, tots models, or childrens modeling, in Melbourne.

Child Modelling Melbourne- attributes and signs which suggest your child may rise above the rest!

Ok- so you're still keen- convinced your child can be a star. If you're child is exceptionally well behaved, in almost all circumstances, almost all of the time ("not many children are", you think- and true- even fewer children succeed at child modelling...) and if you're child is mentally mature beyond the physical age- while, at the same time looking younger than they really are- the odds may be tipped slightly in your favour.
You see, it's best to work with an older child that looks younger- and some children are just naturally always happy, and take very easily to strangers. Children (and grown ups) need to time themselves around shoots- it doesn't go the other way around. A child which is always having "a good day" is more than half way there.

"So how many children are really like this?", you ask?
About as many as do succeed at child modelling. Very few indeed. One thing's for sure- the world doesn't "owe" somebody a modelling career just because they want one or random people in the street keep telling mommy how cute her child is. What else are they going to say?

Can you make it on your own, with excellent self promotion and management?
In a word "yes".
Competition is fierce- you can't afford to take your eye off the ball for a second!
There are some basic commonsense things you can do to enhance your chances- you can read about them below.
If you've ever wondered whether or not you have "what it takes" to be a model, find out now, by completing our "expression of interest" form here and attaching two photos.
You won't be invited for an interview unless we are sure we can give you an almost immediate start- and it won't cost you a cent!
It is imperative that your form doesn't contain ANY errors.
Absolutely NO mistakes.
We can't stress this enough. We've been getting up to 16 forms a day, and sometimes not even one is completed correctly.
It's an easy road if you fit the criteria- each person brings their own uniqueness to the assignment- it's a matter of how well you can fill the brief.

Two photographs- not one- should be attached to the form. Please read the guidelines carefully. We reject incorrectly completed forms.

Further down this page you can read the facts- and get a brief glimpse into what it takes to make a go of it- tips to get you in with the best chance.
Enjoy- read and take seriously the advice we offer here. We don't masquerade as model agents or agencies poised to launch you into stardom, we have been in the industry longer than just about all of them out there.
Modelling is an industry fraught with "quick buck" hunters and scammers.
They get in, and get out.
We see the same pattern, the same advertising and techniques, and hear the same stories from models all the time.

Modelling shoots avaialable throughout summer and autumn 2014 on amazing, photogenic waterfalls and beaches in Victoria
If you're good to go in swimwear then submit an application.
This and other shoots are available in stunning locations- for more info, and the chance to be in images like those shown below, complete an expression of interest form and attach a couple of pix here. Our shoot style is the same as the shots shown below.

Swimwear shoots, beach shoots, bikini, swimwear modelling and stunning ocean shoots are available now.
Our website needs more images... and you will be in front of a huge audience- not to mention our client base!
If you love water and want to be part of these paid swimwear shoots, complete an expression of interest form here for more info. Be sure to include the shoots you are interested in, on the form.

Paid fashion modelling opportunities available now-

Complete, without errors, an expression of interest form here for more information!

These are great opportunities for models to take part in. If you are interested, or would like more information, complete an expression of interest form here. Be sure to mention the shoots you are interested in on the form.

See the checklist here.

The following Melbourne Model shoots are all paid, and prebooked for publication in popular Australian news stand bridal and fashion magazines.
They include:

  • Melbourne Fashion and Swimwear in January, February and March 2014
  • Even more fashion, and editorial style modelling opportunities are available for models with exceptional talent. Looks are crucial to these shoots- it is imperative that you posess the right physical attributes.
  • You need to be able to interact well with other models on the shoot.

We're looking for our next Model of the Year- for 2015 
There are some fantastic modelling shoots, modelling opportunities and prizes up for grabs, as well as pre-booked space in fully clothed fashion magazine pages, to start you off!
Complete an expression of interest form to receive more info. Be sure to include 2 pix- one close up and one full length, and read the modelling guidelines carefully before you complete the form!

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OK, I think I can do it- what should I do next?

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Here are the styles of images we'd like to shoot- if you can see yourself in pictures like this, send in some example photos!

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What's the advantage of pursuing a self-managed career as a model- as opposed to joining an agency? What are the benefits and pitfalls?

As a self managed model, you are responsible for sourcing your own work, responding to enquiries, securing your job bookings, turning up, and collecting the money. It's not quite as daunting as it sounds- for someone who is truly passionate about success, the road is quite easy- as there are so many who simply don't turn up on shoots- that the opportunities for the "good ones" are out there! Photographers are continually on forums, expressing disappointment at models who fail to show up- if you can gain a reputation as a reliable model, word will spread quickly, and you will be streets ahead of 95% of others out there. All for following basic courtesy and commonsense!

The downside to all this, is that you need to be your own manager, you need to see yourself as a "mini enterprise" and behave accordingly, treat your clients with courtesy and respect, and stay "on your toes". Stay on your toes all the time- not just when the idea runs hot in your mind- success is not built on fleeting attention and temporary concentration.
The opportunities are out there- maybe not on the "free folio" sites of the muddy waters of the internet, shooting with clueless photographers... but if you know where to look, the good jobs can be found!

More upside to all this though- you get to work with a diverse range of people. You have opportunities to travel, to get magazine and web exposure, and more often than not, get paid on the same day you sign off on the job, usually on the day of the shoot. You'll have the opportunity to make enduring friendships, in an industry where a lot depends on "who" you know. Your greatest source of referrals will be other models you have worked with, make-up artists who have worked with you, and of course, the photographers and clients themselves. Far more "in favour" of this system, than "against".

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How do I know if I have what it takes to succeed as a model?

Only you know yourself- the real you!

Success in modelling- while dependent to a certain extent on your physical attributes- relies a lot on how you handle yourself as a person- how others perceive you and how you interact with other people. Countless times we've seen the person who was "not the ideal choice" scoop the assignment, through sheer determination, and tenacity. Look at how you live, how reliably you have kept appointments and commitments, are you are a breeze to deal with; or a drama queen- the answer will be starting to reveal itself by now!
Don't give up your day job- nor should you jump into modelling as a way of making quick money, funding your overnight retirement- or because your friends on your online chat page say you "should do it". These are all the wrong reasons!

If you have an eye for design and fashion, look after yourself well, take direction and responsibility well, and understand what a professional work environment is, then go for it! So many let "themselves" down... so if you are persistent, good things will be yours quickly!

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About modelling portfolios, folios, test shoots and what you really need.....

In an ideal world, you don't need a portfolio- you just need someone to walk up to you with the contract and cheque!
However- in the real world, this seldom happens- so you need your tools of trade! Ideally these should be:

  • composite cards which have pix on them that show you in a variety of looks, styles and poses and have your contact information on them;
  • a folio (called a "book") in the trade, showing quality pictures, which you should carry with you always; a website- not a "yourspace" online- but something with your own domain name, with images you can update frequently, that is a "next step" stopping point for those interested in booking you- a place to look for more pix and information, to help tip the scales in your favour, and stamp out your competition!

If you're after a portfolio, if you really think you need one- and remember some of the world's best models started without one- they were exposed to the right opportunity to begin with- these pointers may help you.

For no more than $200  you should get the following:

Three outfit changes, shot in studio or on location, and a selection of images for you to keep- in either hi resolution on disk, or in print form. Images on disk should be edited ready for print output.

Two hours of the photographer's time shooting, and editing your images. This is more than enough to produce what you need for a folio, if the photographer is good, knows their work, and is using fast, up to date equipment. Image correction, repair and editing should be at a minimum- good photographers capture pefect -or near-perfect files, and don't spend ages at the computer, fixing mistakes! Real photographers trained on the discipline of film- without the bandaid repairs of digital.

Images should match the level of expertise you see throughout this site- not be snaps in a home studio, backyard, park or similar. The photographer should be able to demonstrate to you that she/he has vision and artistic flair- look beyond their personality and ask yourself whether or not the work you are looking at would be worth paying thousands for, if it were commissioned commercial work. Unfortunately most clients have no idea when it comes to grading a photographer- and end up learning an expensive and heartbreaking lesson in the process.

A backyard hack working off a website with no street address, or a student or "passionate" hobbyist shouldn't be trusted or relied upon to create images for you that will ultimately represent who you are in the eyes of your potential employers. Some of the very ordinary looking examples of pictures we see, make us wonder whether candid camera is waiting to capture our looks of disbelief!

Never make the mistake of tfp (time for prints)- if you pay peanuts then you get monkeys- and if you pay nothing, it's even worse. Be paid for your time, for every shoot you do, and pay your photographer(s) for theirs, if the shots are for you.
People will never give you their best for nothing. The time and energy you could spend believing the opposite to be true- will yield much better results invested in your own productivity. Outstanding folio photography isn't expensive- fees are low to help models get started with images. Get the best start in modelling you can- start with professional images.

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I'm ready to take the next step- no obligation, no commitment from either side, just get some feedback on my chances.

Ok- so you want to give it a go- see what you think, what we think, and possibly what the audience thinks?

See that you don't make any mistakes in completing the form, or in attaching images.

Please read the instructuctions below, and follow them to the letter.

These tips will get you in with the best chance.
Please read them- it is amazing how many people continue to make the mistakes we draw attention to here:

  • treat it seriously- not as something to do because you are bored;
  • answer the questions truthfully, include your name-first name and last name- as it appears on your photographic ID which you will need to bring to an interview if there is one.
  • Be realistic- especially about your expectations and aspirations, your abilities and availabilities;
  • Have 2 photos with a file size less than 1 meg each, in your computer to attach to the form- a full length shot, and a face shot- be sure they are recent and ensure they are in jpg format- no word doc files, no psd, no tiff, and no zip! Must be jpg extension only- and make sure- absolutely sure that you have a full length photo and a face shot;
  • DO NOT send photos which have more than one person in them i.e. "Saturday night party" shots.
  • DO NOT wear sunglasses or hats or beanies in shots you submit- these won't get you in with a chance at all.
  • The "full length photo" must have you standing up- not lying down or sitting or kneeling.
  • Submit one- only one form- if you get an error message, or if something appears to be malfunctioning, it means your photos are too large. Resize them to around 600x800 pixels each. The system will automatically reject applications over 1 meg in size. Multiple forms ("sent again in case it didn't go through") will also be rejected, before we even get to see them, and your origin email will be auto blacklisted by the system.
  • If you think you made a mistake, call the office on 03 9554 3279, and we will give you an alternate means of sending your images to us. This is not the preferred option- as your pix don't go straight to our online model database.
  • be contactable- by phone.
  • Know when you are available for interview.
  • Promptly acknowledge any communication you receive from us.

Please read, and read again, the next line:
Be certain you have completed the form "fully" and"correctly"- and that you have attached TWO pix- not one- and that one is a face shot and one is a full length shot, and that both are representative of your CURRENT look. We've had some great people apply- but with only one photo- and some with incomplete information on forms. It's amazing what people will do to kill an opportunity.

Important: All applicants please read:
The most common errors on forms are, in order:
1: no surname- your surname along with your first name, goes in the "name" field of the form;
2: only one photo attached instead of two photos;
3: full length photo is either "not" full length, or has been taken sitting or lying down;
4: more than one person in the photo;
5: the applicant is unrecognizeable in the photo (blurry, poor lighting, head half chopped off)
6: wearing black in the shots - a big "no";
7: no "suburb" specified in the "suburb" field;
8: you are not on the current version of this page- check the date beneath the banner at the top- the update should be within 14 days. If not, then you're on an old page which will NOT process your application.

And while we've got your attention...

If you are able to name your image files- the pictures you send to us- it helps us a lot! If your name is, for example: "Sally Smith"; call your headshot: sally-smith-headshot.jpg and your full length photo: sally-smith-full-length.jpg because... if you provide an image with a name that already exists in our database, YOUR copy will be deleted by the system, before we even get to see it!

Remember- you're applying for this for yourself, so give yourself the best chance.
Submissions must match criteria, in order to be considered.
Take it seriously, and we'll take you seriously.
No exceptions.

Never worry about whether or not you are good enough, or stress about a couple of extra kilos you think shouldn't be there! A good photographer will know instantly how to bring the best out of you, and our lenses take between a size, and a size and a half OFF, so it's a lot easier for us to work with someone who is a few kilos over the weight they would like to be- and that's not a joke!

PLease check your email after you have submitted the form; add us to your list of contacts. Sometimes our auto-replies get cut by system filters, and our offers of work might get missed!

It's happened more than once!

Do not email us asking if there is any modeling work going.. when you are reading the page which has the answer to all of your questions right here...

Do not email me your photos, with a written request for work. We use a proper form and file upload facility, this is the only way we accept applications for modelling work. No exceptions.

Call our studio on 03 9554 3279 between two and four business days after sending in your pix. If we do not hear from you 96 hours after receiving your form, we will delete your details and pictures from our system. If you are emailing from interstate, consider how you plan to be in Melbourne for an interview and work... BEFORE you go to the effort of sending in your details and photos.

Ready to go ahead?

Before you go ahead, PLEASE ENSURE you have read every single word on this page.

THEN to complete a registration form, click here , or to return to the top of this page click here.

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